How to get rid of hyperpigmentation on face naturally


how to get rid of hyper pigmentation on face naturally

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation on face naturally:

There are few options that work to neutralize the excess of melanin production. It help to get rid of hyperpigmentation. All types of hyperpigmentation that make the darker skin tone area. It help to light the pigmented skin back to your natural skin tone.

The first option to even out your skin tone. It is to use an lightening product for this skin condition. Make sure to choose a right product that contains moisturizing agents. It to avoid dry skin as well to encourage cell turnover. There are Ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerine. Which help to boost the growth of skin cells. It can also restore the lipid barrier in your skin to protect it from sun rays.

First we need to differentiate that facial hyperpigmentation is a condition which can be treated. It is different from our skin colours with which each one of us is born with listing few common causes of facial hyperpigmentation.

1. Sun Damage: Sun Damage can lead to first redness and dryness of the face. Which later on turns into hyperpigmentation. If not taken care immediately.

2. Melasma: it is very common condition seen more in females, where there are characteristic hyper pigmented patches formed over forehead, cheeks bilaterally and nose.

3. Freckles: Seen since childhood in most of the population, these are small, multiple hyper pigmentation spots present over cheeks, nose predominantly.

4. Lentigens: They look really similar to freckles occurring at the same places as freckles but appear in the later stage of life , commonly after the age of 40 years.

5. Acanthosis Nigricans: Velvety hyperpigmentation seen in the creases of neck, forehead and cheeks, predominantly in Diabetic people and people with deranged thyroid profile.

6. T S D F (Topical steroid damaged face): This term has come newly into existence, it is hyper pigmentation and erythema over face with facial hair development due to excessive use of topical corticosteroids over face.

What are they Do’s to prevent it?

1. Stop using Hydroquinone and retinoid formulations available at medicine counters for hyper pigmentation.

2. Stop bleaching your skin or doing scrubbing and exfoliating facials at beauty salons, it can further damage your skin and worsen the condition of hyperpigmentation.

3. Stop using cosmetic creams available in the market in the name of “skin whitening creams”.

4. Never use face washes frequently and rub your skin harshly while washing your face, gentle cleanser without exfoliating your face is enough.

5. Don’t over use face packs and face masks available in the market.

6. Stop self medication.

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